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Woo Lotti’s death video with Twitter and Reddit!!

Video of Woo Lotti’s Death Spreads Virally on Social Media Woo Lotti, as Glenn Cole, was a member of the YG crew out of the Mott Haven Houses section of the Bronx.

This young rapper tragically passed away before he could achieve fame. His last known rap collaboration was with Blaccanese and GetBack to rap on the song 4z Talk, released on February 14, 2020. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

A Video of Woo Lotti’s Death

Woo died suddenly and unexpectedly on April 7, 2020, less than two months later. Harrowing footage has gone viral showing the assailants ambushing and murdering the toddler.

New York City’s Sugar Hill was the location of a promenade for 17-year-old Woo Lotti and his YG group mates. At 12:50 a.m., their sworn foes caught up to them.

A whole car full of OGs chased Woo and his crew while brandishing broomsticks, trash cans, and knives. They halted, and then they followed.

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While the rest of YG ran for their lives, Woo was knocked to the ground and savagely attacked and stabbed by the group. They even took Snapchat videos of the carnage.

The teenage rapper was stabbed in the stomach and thigh on West 154th Street near St. Nicholas Avenue. His terrible death in Harlem Hospital occurred despite doctors’ best efforts to revive him.

Woo Lotti’s Death Video went viral on Twitter.

Former members of the OG gang in the Bronx killed Woo Lotti. Woo’s band YG has been in a long-running rivalry with another group known as the OGs.

Between the two groups, there is a long-standing rivalry that goes far beyond music and has led to many deaths in the past.

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Since Woo’s death, the two camps have battled it out in rap fights. B Lovee’s April 13 release, No Hook, included bleak lyrics about the dangerous streets and the deaths of rappers due to their drug use and other risky behaviours.

Woo Lotti’s Death Video went viral on Reddit.

Before April came to a close, the YGs dropped RPT Bugging PT 2, a song in which they brag about murdering OG members and calling themselves “OG Killers” or “OGK.”

Smelly, alias SlatterBoyz (Esmerlyn Toribio), a member of OG, slain at 17 in a dispute over a motorcycle he had recently sold, and his fellow OG members not shy about voicing their disapproval of his actions. A member of OG’s crew, Smelly, smelled terrible. As a result of 14 stab wounds to the chest, Smelly tragically lost his life.

K-Flock exited the building, where the OG members were, and waited outside, streaming live on Facebook. He continued to do it even knowing that the police were around.

Two male suspects, ages 28 and 16, initially detained. Woo Lotti’s Death Video The police knew he was the one who did it because the Zipcar that used in the attack rented in his name.

After watching the surveillance tape, they quickly figured out that Williams Hopeton had rented the car that used in the terrible event.

Rundown, a boy who only uses that name, suspected of being the younger assailant. In total, five suspects taken into custody by police after the incident.

The disturbing images show the destructive nature of gang culture, which features a lot of dissing music, violence, and young people’s deaths.



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