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Who Is Rabi Pirzada? The video went viral, became famous, and was all the rage.

Rabi Pirzada is in the news again because she said the victim of an acid attack in which her boyfriend took part was to blame. Rabi Pirzada said to have stood by her man when Arthur’s case came up instead of double-checking the facts. At the time, they were going out. Rabi Pirzada has a new post on her Instagram, which has now made public. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Viral Rabi Pirzada Video

In her post, she also makes it clear that she feels bad about the incident that went viral online and that she feels bad for Arthur’s victim, too. After the news broke, Rabi Pirzada’s audio message, which quickly went viral online, talked about again. Let’s look into this topic in more depth. Rabi Pirzada is a businesswoman, a TV personality, and a model. She got it in early 2021.

Got together with a man named Arthur, who later accused of using acid to hurt a woman. When the case came to light, an audio message from Rabi Pirzada put online and quickly went viral. Now we know that Rabi did not take Arthur’s help. Rabi Pirzada said in her post that she knew what went viral online and that she was.

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Who is Rabi Pirzada?

She knew that people were talking about her voice note online and that it was getting a lot of attention. She says that even though she feels bad about it now, she never meant to support Arthur in the first place. A post on Rabi Pirzada’s Instagram says that she forced to make the audio recording. She said that both she and her son’s lives were in danger.

Rabi Pirzada says in her post that she forced and even threatened to record the audio in which she allegedly insulted Arthur’s victim by calling her “just a fat thigh woman.” Rabi said these things about the person who hurt, Arthur. Rabi Pirzada also says that she aware that her voice is being used in the message that is being spread all over the internet.

Explanation of Rabi Pirzada’s Popular Video

She also said that she was sorry for what Arthur had done and understood how hard it was for his victims. Rabi Pirzada, who stayed at her post, said that Sophie, the girl Arthur attacked with acid, was a good girl. She also said that Sophie wasn’t ugly or stupid in any way. Rabi Pirzada’s audio message, which posted online, said that Sophie an idiot.

Also, the ugly girl to whom Rabi Pirzada wrote said that she forced to say what she said and never supported her own words. Rabi Pirzada says that the lines she said in the audio message were not natural and that she doesn’t agree with anything she said. Rabi Pirzada says that Sophie, Arthur’s victim, was fearless and beautiful when she spoke up. Rabi Pirzada also says that she forced to say the lines in the audio recording.

Full Video of Rabi Pirzada on Twitter & Reddit

And that she had no choice but to say it. Rabi thinks she won’t go into much detail in this post because the case is still in court. She also said that the audio had changed and that she had been forced to record it. Rabi Pirzada says that the audio that went viral forced. She also says that she had to say what she did to protect her family because she was in danger and threatened.



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