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Who is Musa Khawula from Lulo Cafe’s Viral Bath Clip?

Who Is Musa Khawula – Wiki, Bio, Age

Well-known South African personality Musa Khawula is currently in a mess. Musa’s Twitter account purportedly suspended and reported by internet users after his videos became viral. Soon after, Musa permanently banned from the service, and his profile erased. Internet users ecstatic when they learned that the lads had banned from Twitter. Online mockery of Musa’s strange and disrespectful behavior spread rapidly when this news broke. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

While some progress has made in removing the film from the internet, many people continue to make every effort to access it. Let’s investigate the background of the controversial video Musa uploaded.

An Online Bathing Clip From Lulo Cafe Goes Viral

On Wednesday, Musa uploaded a video that, at first glance, seemed normal until it revealed that a man was naked and taking a shower. Famous DJ Lulu Café caught on tape while nude in the shower. The nakd video uploaded with the intent to “Go Viral,” and sure enough, the man in the video was Lulu Cafe. Like all lovely individuals, Lulu championed online while Musa was mocked.

Twitter canceled Musa’s account after receiving numerous complaints about this video and his account.

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Musa Khawula’s “Bath” Video Goes Viral on Lulo Cafe

When Musa’s account deleted, so was the video, which had recently become popular online. Lulo can seen in the video taking a shower, although it appears that he was unaware that he was filmed at the time. Exactly who aided Musa in committing this horrible act is unknown, but Musa’s goal was for it to go viral on the internet. Internet users relieved when Musa’s account deleted and appreciated Lulu’s not laughing at or mocking Musa. A lot of people on the internet liked how unresponsive Lulu was.

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The controversy was trending on Twitter in South Africa, and there a load of tweets posted online about it. Someone on Twitter said that Lulu is one of the most remarkable individuals in business, but they have no idea how or when this happened. In response, another user said he hoped Musa would arrested for revenge p*rn. Some tweets from online people who talked about the controversy and showed their support for Lulu included below.

Someone else took to Twitter to call for Musa’s dismissal from Ukhozi FM and a petition to hold him accountable for the horrific act. Lulo Cafe’s Viral Bath Clip A commenter commented that Musa should punished for having so much say over Lulu’s life.

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