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When Urfi Javed stated, “Meri toh waat lagi padi hai,” the media was shocked by his statement.

Urfi Javed, who usually featured in the media due to his clothes. Which are made so that the beholder can’t stop watching, caught aback by the statement of “Meri toh waat lagi padi hai,” also known as “Media.” His clothes designed so that the beholder can’t stop watching. Although Urfi has established herself as a leading figure in the fashion world, her designs continue to garner widespread media attention. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Urfi’s appearance in the media this time, on the other hand, was not due to the clothes she wore but to the fact that she discussed her concerns. Urfi has quoted as saying the following to the media:

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Hey, buddy, I have no idea what’s going on. I have to wait. How can I tell what occurred? My life has so spoiled. So much energy has spoiled. Should I tell who to whom? I have no clue. Urfi responded as follows to a question from the media regarding whether or not he will contact us at the party: “How will I not call; without you, there will be no celebration.”

Even after she grew so furious, Urfi’s fashion had no scarcity; she had done everything in her ability to excite her devotees with her sense of style. S Bar Urfi enhanced her clothing by adding huge earrings and black lipstick to complete her look. She wore a couture dress. Urfi Javed Viral Video

Urfi responded to a journalist who advised him to “Walk like a queen” by saying, “Always,” as he demonstrated a catwalk for the media.



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