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What killed Dave Hollis? 47-year-old Disney distribution executive died.

It breaks our hearts to tell our readers that Dave Hollis died at 47. It’s hard to believe that the young, talented person has left this world, leaving his friends, family, and coworkers heartbroken. He used to be the head of worldwide distribution at Disney’s movie studio, and he also wrote books to inspire people. Dave’s sudden death sent shock waves through everyone who knew him. A representative for Holli’s family said that Dave took his last breath and died peacefully in his sleep at his home outside of Austin on February 11, 2023. Follow our website, Leakstimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

Since it confirmed on social media that he had died, there have been hundreds of tributes and messages of sympathy from people praying for his family and close friends. As the family as a whole is going through a hard time. During his time in the business, his coworkers and fans loved and respected him a lot. Brendon Burchard’s post also proved that Dave Hollis is no longer with us.

What Was Dave Hollis’s Cause Of Death?

The message says, “I have terrible news. This weekend, Dave Hollis died. His parents put up a statement on the Internet: On Saturday night, Dave Hollis, who used to be President of Worldwide Distribution at Disney, died peacefully at his home outside of Austin, TX. Even though the exact cause of death hasn’t found yet, his family says he had recently been taken to the hospital for heart problems. He was 47.”

Many people are trying to figure out what led to his untimely death and how he died. From what the posts and the statement said, Dave Hollis died of heart problems. During Dave’s time at Disney, the company’s box office sales grew at a rate that had never seen before. In 2016, Disney became the first studio to reach $7 billion in global ticket sales.

Dave Hollis also surprised many people in 2018 when he said he was leaving Disney and moving his family to Texas so he could run his then-wife Rachel Hollis’s company, Home Of Podcasts, Conferences, and TV Shows. Rachel Hollis is the woman who married to Dave. She is an author, a motivational speaker, and a social media star. With this, he also released his self-help book Get Out of Your Way in 2020. In the following years, he wrote another self-help book called Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Meant For. We will never forget David Hollis.



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