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What is Amber Ajami? (ambsofficialxo), Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend!!

Amber Ajami Wiki

Amber Ajami is a social media influencer and Instagram model born in Syria. She is better known by her user names, ambsofficialxo, and amberspam0. She is known for how pretty and stunning she is, and she often posts pictures of herself on social media sites. Up to this point, thousands of people have followed her on social media sites. Amber Ajami was born in the United States to Syrian parents in 1998. No one knows her star sign, but she goes by the name Amber. She finished high school in her hometown at a private school that we won’t name. But she hasn’t said anything about her advanced classes yet. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Job and Accomplishments

Since she was young, Amber Ajami has loved fashion and modeling. In July 2018, she started to post pictures of herself in lingerie and bikinis on Instagram. Amber Ajami is also on the website Onlyfans, where she shares her amazing photos and videos. As of March 2022, she has made more than 1000 posts, and her Onlyfans page has about 750k likes. Amber Ajami has a few Tik-Tok accounts where she posts videos of herself dancing, lip-syncing, modeling, and doing other things.

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She started to use her fame to boost her social media presence. So, she could do a little to grow on other social media channels. According to her bio on Instagram, she has two more accounts with the usernames sunsugarshine and arierayy. Each of these accounts has 2.3 million and 1.1 million followers. On the other hand, Amb’s official Instagram account has just over 254,000 followers. All three of these accounts have one thing in common: they are private. She has decided to keep her accounts confidential, but we don’t know why. Even so, it didn’t stop her from improving on the platform.

Video and photos of OnlyFans model Amber Ajami that is going viral

Amber Ajami is an American model posting online for many years. She has also grown significantly. Amber is a model, an influencer, and a social media pro who has done a great job of getting people’s attention. She uses many social media sites and has also built up a following. Because Amber posts on her page often, it is active, and she has kept her followers. Amber talks about how she lied and her work life on her platforms. Let’s learn more about Amber’s professional background and get to know her better.

Amber has put about 1267 pieces of media on her one f, about 38 of which are videos. Pictures and links make up the rest. Amber Ajami also has a lot of people who follow her on OnlyF, where she posts photos. The account shows that she has se*ually explicit pictures on her page. Amber offers one-month subscriptions for $3.24, three-month subscriptions for $14.22, six-month subscriptions for $23.95 each, and one-year subscriptions for $53.89 each. Amber changes her account daily and has been using it and making changes in the past. On Twitter, about 349,1K people follow Amber.



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