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What does the term “honey trapping” mean when setting up politicians?

Wikipedia says that honey trapping is an investigation method that uses romantic or se*xual relationships for financial, political (including state espionage) or other reasons.

The honeypot or trap involves getting in touch with someone with the information or resources that a group or person needs. The trapper will then try to the target involved in a fake relationship, which may or may not involve physical contact, to get the target’s information or gain power over them. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

The term “honey trap” used when dating websites used to in touch with a victim.

Wives, husbands, and other partners often hire private investigators to set up a “honeypot” when they think their partner having an affair with the “target,” or person being investigated. This phrase sometimes used to describe making up an affair so that embarrassing photos can taken and used as blackmail. The main goal of a honey trap to gather information about the person or animal it meant to catch. “Honey trapping” sneak drugs into a country and new users hooked.

During the Cold War, the Russian KGB used “Mozhno girls” or “Mozhnos,” female spies, to get foreign dignitaries to help them spy on other countries. Also Read: “Powerful quarters” use actresses as “honey traps,” says Major Adil Raja. 

In 2009, the British MI5 sent a 14-page report called “The Threat from Chinese Espionage” to hundreds of British banks, companies, and financial institutions. It talked about a big effort by the Chinese to blackmail Western business people about their se*xual relationships. The document warns that Chinese intelligence services are trying to build “long-term relationships” and have a history of using “vulnerabilities” like se*xual relationships to force people to work with them.



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