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What caused Jim Durkin’s death?
Deceased at 58: DARK ANGEL guitarist

What caused Jim Durkin’s death? DARK ANGEL guitarist passed away at age 58: It is difficult to share the news that famous guitarist Jim Durkin has died. Dark Angel, was an incredible guitarist. He is no longer among his close friends, and on Friday, at 58, he passed away.His wife posted on his Facebook page early today to confirm the news of his passing. His sudden demise has left his loved ones inconsolable. The cause of Jim Durkin’s death is currently a topic of great interest to many individuals.Follow our website, Leakstimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

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James Durkin was a well-known guitarist and an essential member of the DARK ANGEL. Darkness Descends, Leave Scars, and We Have Arrived were among the first three albums he offered for the band.He was on the band’s roster later, when Dark Angel reformed in 2013 and has been playing live with them ever since. Due to his excellent work, he was highly successful and received numerous honors throughout his existence. Durkin had been missing some of DARK ANGEL’s most recent shows.

What caused Jim Durkin’s death?

Jim Durkin, a guitarist for DARK ANGEL, passed away on Friday, March 10, 2023, at 58.Today, Jim’s wife, Annie, posted on Facebook to announce his passing. Since the news spread online, many people have been deeply saddened by his abrupt passing and have expressed a strong desire to learn about its circumstances. His relatives and friends, however, have not yet revealed the exact cause of his passing. Please read the entire article since you are on the appropriate website for more information about the news.

Due to his outstanding job, Jim Durkin gained a lot of respect and was a truly unique and kind person. His loved ones and his friends, family, and admirers will mourn him. Many people have been deeply saddened by his sudden death since the news of his departure spread on the internet because no one had anticipated losing him at such a young age. Numerous people have since offered their sincere condolences to his family and paid him homage on social media.



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