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Watch SERENA MCKAY Video Clip Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit!!

We all know that people become famous on social media and that videos of them go viral on the internet. We’ll tell you about another girl who has gotten a lot of attention and whose videos going viral on social media. She went by the name Serena McKay. Now, a video about her is popular, and everyone is looking for her on social media. People interested in her videos and have shared them a lot. She has become a big deal on the internet in just a few days, and people want to know more about her. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!


The subject is on the social media site. You’ll be surprised that she’s only 17 years old. Serena McKay’s death shown in this video, which makes it even more shocking. Her name was well-known online already. The last thing we heard about her was that she had been missing a few days. Her parents filled out a report for her missing. The police team looking for her when they saw this Twitter video of her being killed.

Investigators also looked at the video of her being killed. The police are looking into whether or not this video is real. This video is so scary that many people couldn’t even watch it. On social media, people share this video a lot. Wednesday, the video put online. Nobody knows who put it up. The video shows that two girls beat up Serena. They weren’t close to Serena, but they were beating her.

This video is awful to look at. SERENA MCKAY Video is in a lot of pain, and two girls are watching it. They were hitting Serena with their fists and yelling at her. Her face already has marks from her boots. Even though we know who did it, we don’t have any proof or evidence. The police are still looking into the case.



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