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Watch Online All Episodes Of Shahad Part 1 Ullu Web Series.

The first part of the web series Shahad was taken off the Ullu app for users who had paid for it. The web series takes place in a small village in India and follows a strange family living there. Priya Gamre was chosen to play a prominent role in the Shahad web series.

The Ullu app, run by Punit, is now a movie about s*x. Shahad Part 1 differs from the other stories on the Ullu app about two actresses. There are two 20–25 minute episodes of the web series. The first episode of the Shahad web series will come out on September 16, 2022. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

The Ullu app has already announced that you can watch a couple of web series on their official app. The first is an interesting Charmsukh episode called “Tapan,” and the second is “Walkman,” which stars Riddhima Tiwari.

Shahad Part 1: The Story of the Web Series

The official summary of Shahad Part 1 says, “When his sister-in-law Roopa comes into his life, Sharad’s uncontrollable physical desires are satisfied.” He starts looking into Roopa and Raghu’s bedrooms when they are together because he wants to satisfy his s*xual urges. When Roopa finds out about Sharad’s fetish, she decides to take action, which is a blessing in disguise instead of a punishment. Read More: All Episodes of Ullu’s Web Series Samne Wali Khidki Part 2, Trailer Review

The story is about a mother, her two sons, Raghu and Sharad, and their home in the country. As her last wish, she asked her oldest son to get married. He took Roopa as his wife (Priya Gamre).

Sharad decided to watch his brother and sister-in-law’s moments through the missing brick in the wall. He thought he would get a significant punishment for what he did, but his sister-in-law gave him something else instead.

With her amazing screen presence, Priya Gamre made the show worth watching over and over again. Also, each episode of the web series comes out in two parts. So, in Shahad Part 2, we see more of Priya Gamre.

Shahad Web Series Cast

  • Priya Gamre as Roopa.
  • Varun Saggar as Raghu.
  • Prashant Rai as Sharad.
  • Manju Agarwal as Maa

Shahad Part 1: Reviews and Why It’s Worth Seeing

The Ullu app has significantly changed how it handles its content. You can figure it out by going to their official website, which sells merchandise. In the Shahad Part 1 web series, Priya Gamre didn’t leave anything out.

Priya Gamre was in the Ullu web series Matki in the past. She also had more than one scene in that web series. Even though it’s good that most of the Ullu web series are interesting, we still don’t have the right mix of good stories.

Like the Ullu web series that came before it, the Shahd Part 1 web series only has 4 actors, and the story is about a house. It would be great if Ullu made strong stories with scenes like these.



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