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Watch: Ladies Hostel 2 is available on Yessma!!

Yessma is the host website for the continuing web series Ladies Hostel, performed in Malayalam and can viewed online. Lakshmi Deeptha and Aryananadha Creations Private Limited are the ones in charge of the show’s production and director, respectively. The show’s first episode shown for the first time on October 9th. It speculated online that Sruthy Renjith and Kadeeja Shareef might have roles in the production. The rumours finally put to rest when episode 1 of the online series made available to the public; Aadithya Raj and Irfana are, in fact, cast members of the show. Yessma now has of the Ladies Hostel web series available for download. You may access Yessma here. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Ladies Hostel 2 Plot

The first episode focuses on Irfana and Aadithya Raj, two roommates at a hostel who Irfana begins to develop love feelings for. The ladies relieved to see Irfana at her home because they have been missing one other’s companionship. When Irfana returns, will their hidden feelings for one another finally be exposed?

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Ladies Hostel 2

Cast Ladies Hostel 2



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