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Watch Jabran Part 2 Ullu Episodes Online!!

The second installment of the Jabran web series is now available on the Ullu app. The drama-thriller series premiered on November 29, 2022. The compelling plots and excellent acting in the Jabran online series won over many viewers.

Donna Munshi, Mahi Khan, and Pihu Kanojia played key roles in the Jabran Part 2 web series. Jabran Part 2, directed by Ajay V, is a web series with four episodes.

All episodes of Jabran Part 2 are available on the Ullu App for online viewing. Aayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, and Pallavi Debnath starred in the online series Lady Finger, which was previously released on Ullu App. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Jabran Ullu Web Series Cast

Donna Munshi – Shalini
Jatin Bhatia – Sumer
Mahi Khan – Maya
Prashant Pandit – Adarsh
Pihu Kanojia – Tina
Karan Mehta – Gagan
Ved Dubey – Ajay

Jabran Part 2 Web Series Story

In the first scene of the second season of the web series Jabran, Shalini (Donna Munshi) is blindfolded and tied to a rope. Once Sumer gets Donna Munshi tied down, he can finally indulge in his fantasies of making love to her. He let her go, and then the Jabran Ullu credits rolled.

Her husband arrived to fetch her when Donna Munshi was living on the streets. The following day, next-door neighbour Donna Munshi told Mahi Khan what had happened. To apprehend the mysterious figure, she devised a plan. She offered to switch places with Donna Munshi on the bed with the masked man.

Following his predetermined plan, the masked man entered the room and attacked Mahi Khan. In our opinion, it was terrible, with Donna Munshi passing out and the masked man abusing Mahi Khan. Subsequent events shed light on Mahi Khan’s long-held desire to engage in crazy se*ual encounters with strangers. She made the most of her encounter with the disguised man by inviting him to her bedroom.

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When Donna Munshi saw Episode 4 of Season 2 of the Jabran Web Series, she learned that her husband was the masked guy. She intended to exact revenge on him. She also talked with her next-door neighbour Mahi Khan about it. To keep her husband’s surprise, she blindfolded him and invited him to a secret location.

She got her revenge ruthlessly by driving the rod into his back. When night falls, she serves her husband dessert and slips sleeping pills under the bedsheets before tying him to the bed. Her husband witnessed her having s*x with Mahi Khan’s husband, who she had invited over.

Jabran Part 2 Review

The second installment of Jabran is plot-driven, focusing on Shalini and Sumer as they live out their happily-ever-after and indulge in their secret fantasies. Episode 4 of Jabran Part 2 shows that Shalini got even with her husband by having s*x with Mahi Khan’s husband. Watch the second episode of the web series Jabran on the Ullu app to discover what happens next.

The series is binge-worthy despite the cliffhanger ending. Donna Munshi, Mahi Khan, and Pihu Kanojia appear in various sequences throughout Jabran Part 2. In addition, a brand new episode of a thrilling Ullu Web Series will be released on the app twice a week.



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