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Watch: Full Web Series Maal Paani Sauda On Big M Zoo app.

The release date of Big M Zoo’s most popular web series, Maal Paani Sauda, was revealed in the Big M Zoo app. The online series is promoted as a suspense thriller with a thirst trap to attract a specific demographic from the general public. Tarakesh Chauhan and Ruks Khandagale star as the main characters in the web series.

Find out more about the characters, premiere date, and narrative of the Maal Paani web series and where you can watch it after it has streamed. We also explore what makes Big M Zoo’s Maal Paani as great and as binge-watchable as their other popular web series. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Web Series Maal Paani Sauda Story

Although the cast of the web series Maal Paani Sauda looks very similar to that of the film, the plot is very different. Season one of the anthology series Maal Paani has premiered, and the opening episode is titled Maal Paani Andha Sasur. In season two of Maal Paani, Tarakesh Chauhan and Ruks Khandagale each portrayed an entirely new role.

Indeed, the trailer’s promise of a dysfunctional family with two brothers who care deeply about one another is fulfilled. The father surprised them with a sauda, or flogged them when he realized what had happened (Tarakesh Chauhan). At the moment, Ruks Khandagale is participating in yet another all-female brawl.

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This teaser concludes with a fascinating three-way romance involving Tarakesh Chauhan, Ruks Khandagale, and another actress.

In recent weeks, the Big M Zoo app has begun delivering stories with engaging plots and characters. Find out what happens next by downloading the official app and watching MAAL PAANI SAUDA, a web series produced by Big M Zoo.

Cast of Maal Paani Sauda Web Series

  • Tarakesh Chauhan
  • Ruks Khandagale

Where To Watch Maal Paani Sauda Web Series

The debut of Maal Paani Sauda, a new online series, will occur on November 11, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. Fans and media professionals praised the web series’ production and pacing. The Big M Zoo online series community looks forward to seeing Ruks Khandagale in multiple upcoming projects.

Meanwhile, Big M Zoo has a fan base waiting on the release of new web series. Having developed rules on the regional OTT platform every Friday with their binge-worthy web series.

The show was developed initially in Hindi for the North Indian market because of the region’s penchant for watching suspenseful web series. Users of the Big M Zoo app can watch the web series and download it for free.



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