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Was Michael Harvey Arrested? –Explained by the viral video.

According to rumours, Michael Harvey was the person who was spotted perpetrating the entire crime. In a recent video, a man was urging a woman to cut him off with a knife. The whole event was recorded on a CCTV camera, where he was seen threatening the woman and verbally assaulting her. When the landlord intervened to quell the fight or calm his angry temper, he threatened them by making a molestation-related comment. The incident was later reported to the Chattanooga Police Department, which conducted a thorough investigation.

The appalling footage was posted on Twitter when the person who was identified as Michael Harvey was spotted parking his car at the end of the driveway and rambling. Later, he got out of his automobile and approached the woman’s car, which was parked close to the house. He began yelling at the guy inside the car as he got close to the driver’s seat window. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Viral video of Michael Harvey

He was seen on camera using foul language and threatening to rape the woman. He could be seen furiously approaching the car in the footage as well. Additionally, he threatened to beat the hell out of her in broad daylight without anyone even bothering to inquire as to why. He continued, “I don’t care if I am kicked out; I’ll do it again if I have to.” Many news outlets have uploaded the recordings to their websites and may be seen there now. The videos are offensive and contain many of the man’s offensive statements during the incident.

Did Michael Harvey Get Arrested?

Even after that, he persisted in insulting the woman’s son and began furiously beating his hands against the window. The man said that a woman had cut him off and threatened to hurt the woman because he knew her address. Even before her, he gave her the go-ahead to shoot her son by flashing signs. Even the door handle had been removed angrily by the madman, who subsequently threw it into the air as he walked back to his car. When he talked a lot of crap, he even brought up the subject of rape in front of her. He then drove away from the structure with his automobile. Read More: Who is Nisha Guragain, the Twitter, Tiktok, and Reddit

Later, after the man refused to let them leave, the woman decided to call the police for assistance and revealed that they had been being followed by him since the highway router. Since her friend’s home had CCTV, she could easily record the man’s actions there and provide the police with evidence. However, the police agency has not yet confirmed the details regarding this case, any additional information. Read More: Superstar Singer 2 Teaser, Elimination, and Special with Reena Roy!



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