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Vybz Kartel was happy to see his cute grandson playing in a pile of money.

Vybz Kartel seems to be enjoying his new role as the grandfather of Likkle Vybz’s son, whose son is growing up and taking on his name.

Adidja Adiem Palmer was born at the end of 2021. He is the son of Kartel’s oldest son, Adidja Jaheim Palmer, also known as Likkle Vybz. Who is 19 years old. The artist in jail shared a video of his grandson playing with money on a mattress.

The proud grandfather has always told stories about his grandson at different stages of his life. The last time Adiem’s grandfather saw him, he was a toddler who was in a pool with his father. Now he has his own Instagram page, which shows him not only having fun with his parents but also reaching important milestones, like being able to stand on his own. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Vybz Kartel wrote in the video, “#GazaGrandson #BabyG.” Adiem’s mother seems very private, but she can be seen in a video of the baby’s christening posted on his page months ago.

At the same time, many of Vybz Kartel’s fans celebrated with the artist how great. It is to be a grandfather even though he is physically present. Read More: Was Michael Harvey Arrested? –Explained by the viral video.

In a comment, Jesse Royal said, “Blessed.” The father of Child Adiem also said what seems to be the child’s nickname. “BabyG,” he wrote, tagging @adiempalmer, the teen’s Instagram account.

His uncle Likkle Addi also said something cute by writing “temper” in the comments section.

In April this year, Likkle Vybz talked to City Islandz about becoming a father, running his father’s label. And putting out an album with his brother, Likkle Addi, called Uptown Gaza Information.

“The start of my son’s life has changed me. “I have to work harder than I did before, and I think that has helped me improve my sound, like my melodies. Because I try to stay in the studio to improve my sound”. He said about his drive and work ethic. Viral Video



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