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Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison Settlement Amounts!!

In the trial of a former reality TV contestant who charged with crimes related to a se*xual tape, the jury quit so they could look over their decisions again. Prosecutors say Stephen Bear gave Georgia Harrison a CCTV video of him, which means he sold it. The 32-year-old, who lives in Bryony Close, Loughton, Esse*x, has denied voyeurism and two charges of sharing pr*ivate photos and videos of se*xual acts. Mr. Bear has been on Celebrity Big Brother, and The Only Way Is Esse*x. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison Trail

In August 2020, the defendant and Ms. Harrison, who 27 then, filmed on CCTV at his home during a seven-day trial in Chelmsford Crown Court. Prosecutors say that Ms. Harrison did not know she recorded when she gave up her right to anonymity. Ms. Harrison has also appeared on Love Island, The Only Way Is Esse*x, and Olivia Meets Her Match. She said that when Mr. Bear gave her the video, she told him “never” to give it to anyone else and “made it clear” how upset she would be if he did, said prosecutor Jacqueline Carey KC.

>>> Stephen Bear promised Georgia Harrison he wouldn’t share videos.

She told the court that the next day she saw Mr. Bear send the video to someone via WhatsApp, and she later found out that it shared on the internet. Ms. Carey said the accused told her that he posted the video “either himself or on OnlyFans and made money from it.” Mr. Bear won Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, and he told his audience that he deleted the video in August 2020 and didn’t send it to anyone else. They have asked to come back by 10 a.m. GMT on Tuesday so the talks can continue.



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