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Sheikh Danish Ali and Ana Ali assaulted Dr Khadija in a viral video.

The video of Sheikh Danish Ali became viral when an influential businessman and his family kidnapped and tortured a college student in Faisalabad, Pakistan, for refusing to marry the guy. The victim was Sheikh Danish Ali. The victim was a friend of Ana Ali, the daughter of the accused textile businessman, and they were in the same class together. It appears that Danish Ali and the father of the victim are approximately the same age.

Sheikh Danish Ali of Faisalabad and his daughter Ana Ali seen in a viral video that hits BDS student Khadija and forces her to lick her shoes after Khadija rejects their offer of marriage from Sheikh Danish Ali. A video of the girl coerced into licking shoes is going viral on various social media platforms, provoking a widespread sense of outrage among people worldwide due to the pervasive lawlessness and misogyny in Pakistan. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Ana’s friend Khadija, who was in her final year of BDS, came to visit the two of them frequently. Danish began to feel a connection to Khadija. He pushed his daughter to propose to her so that he could be a part of their future. After Khadija turned down his offer, Ana began making threats to harm the victim. As a direct response to the dangers, Khadija severed all ties of connection with Danish and his family. Danish and his daughter, along with several other guys, broke into Khadija’s house on August 9 and kidnapped both Khadija and her sister.

She subjected to extreme acts of abuse and humiliation by Danish, his daughter, and other family members, who also forced her to lick their shoes while filming the entire thing and later posting it on social media. Danish’s daughter was also present during some of the abuse and humiliation that she endured.

The following assertions made by Khadija, a student at the Faisalabad Institute of Medical Sciences.

In addition, Khadija claims that Danish coerced her into participating in a se*ual act that he filmed and captured on tape. After a video showing the victim abused and humiliated went viral on social media. The police captured six people in connection with the incident. In addition, the victim spotted abused and mistreated by Maham, another female student in the same class.

The medical report for the female medical student confirmed that she had subjected to torture. It also disclosed that she had injuries to her face, eyes, elbows, and hands due to the ordeal. Her head and eyebrows were clean, but she still had facial hair. According to the FIR, the accused also wanted a sum of ten lakhs of Pakistani rupees and threatened to upload. The girl’s video clips to social media if she did not pay him. Read More: Maja Stako’s video of Mrs Honey Berlin went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

The video shows a woman severely humiliated. Ana, one of the primary suspects, has not yet located. Internet users asked that those guilty for the victim’s extreme humiliation brought to court. That Pakistan put an end to the country’s prevalent violence against women after the video gained popularity. In July, an American YouTuber attacked by a group of men in Pakistan and raped. The victim ran from one location to another to avoid discovered the offenders.

Controversy emerges over Khadija’s latest viral video message.

The recent issue around Khadija, a medical student from Faisalabad subjected to severe forms of torture. It has taken on new dimensions.

Khadija’s statement initially posted on YouTube. In a video message circulating on social media, Khadija asserts. She is recording it while fully conscious and requests an apology from Danish, the alleged tormentor. The medical student from Faisalabad stated that Danish had treated her with an unusually generous amount of kindness. As a result, she feels guilty and embarrassed about everything she did. She went so far as to swear that she would never again behave in such a manner. However, for reasons of politics, rumours say she is too responsible for all that has occurred. Read More: Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit shared Demi Rose’s video.

The perpetrators, Ana Sheikh and her father, Danish Sheikh, believed the internet community to have pressured Khadija to produce this video so that they could get away with it and place the entire blame on her. The video is thought to made so that the perpetrators could get away with it and put the whole blame on Khadija.

Some people are under the impression that Khadija made completely incoherent statements. That the only reason she did so was that someone exerted a great deal of pressure on her.

Some believe the message recorded before the most recent incident occurred, but others disagree.

During the raid on the Sheikh’s home, authorities found weapons and alcohol. With each bottle having a price tag ranging from Rs50000 to Rs80000. These findings contributed to the general public’s impression of the Sheikh and his family as privileged individuals. Who enjoy their status and riches. In addition, the medical records of Khadija offer undeniable proof that she subjected to horrible forms of torture.



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