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Robert Arrigo died 67-year-old Nationalist Party vice leader died.

How Did Robert Arrigo Die? The former deputy leader of the Nationalist Party died at age 67. Unfortunately, Robert Arrigo, the mayor of Sliema, has passed. He was best known as a former Nationalist party MP and vice leader. Robert Arrigo is said to have been an MP since 2003. Before that, he was Sliema’s mayor and a football club head. People who knew Robert Arrigo stunned when they heard the news of his sudden death. Do you know how Robert Arrigo died or what caused him to die? If not, stay on this page and read the rest of the article. In the following sections, we’ve discussed Robert Arrigo’s age, how he died, and other essential facts. Please read it all the way through. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

How did Robert Arrigo live?

First, we’ll tell you that Robert Arrigo died when he was 67. In 2003, he became an MP for the first time. But before that, he was the mayor of Sliema and the head of a local soccer team. Reports say that Robert Arrigo killed on Tuesday morning, and PN’s news outlets broke the sad news.

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His wife, Marina Arrigo, and his two sons are the only people who will remember him. What caused Robert Arrigo to die? Reports said that Robert Arrigo, who used to be the deputy leader, had been sick with cancer for a long time. He died Tuesday morning at 67 after fighting cancer for months. Cancer is what the government says killed Robert Arrigo. In addition to being a well-known politician, he was also a famous tourism business owner.

Soon after Robert Arrigo died, people started paying tribute to him on Twitter and Facebook. Still, the leader of the PN, Bernard Grech, thanked the late MP Robert Arrigo for all he did for the party. Further, Bernard Grech said, “We lost one of our own… you will remembered for the good things you did, how loyal you were to the party, and most of all, how much you loved this country.”

Adrian Delia, the former leader of the DN, also sent his condolences to Arrigo’s grieving family and said, “I don’t know what to say. I don’t have the energy to yell. A man who was kind and big has died. A charismatic giver who couldn’t go a single minute of his blessed life without helping people in need is no longer with us. The world is less wealthy.”



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