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RIP! Over a dice game in Houston, rap artist Takeoff was shot and killed.

Rapper Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston over a dice game: The famous American rapper Kirshnik Khari Ball, who went by the stage name Takeoff, has officially confirmed dead. Yes, you read that right. According to recent reports, the famous American rapper has shot and killed. Many social media sites say that the rapper shot and killed in Houston, which backs up the news that he had died. When the incident happened, a 28-year-old rapper was reportedly at an event in Houston’s Downton neighbourhood. This news has officially shared on social media, and fans are upset about it. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Over a dice game, Takeoff shot and killed.

Takeoff was a well-known American rapper with some of the business’s best hits. Now, there are reports everywhere that he has died. The NFR Podcast Twitter post says, “It has confirmed that Takeoff is dead. I just don’t believe it. We pray for his family, Quavo, Offset, and everyone close to him. TAKEOFF is dead. Momma”. Since it confirmed that he had died, many people are paying tribute to him and trying to figure out what happened.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Several event organisers in Houston say they saw Takeoff shot and killed at a show.” The page also said where the supposed event supposed to have happened. The picture shows 1200 Polk Street, Downton, Houston. There are a lot of posts about the rapper all over the Internet, and it has confirmed that he shot and killed on the spot. Sources say that the shooter’s name has not yet revealed, but the police are trying to find them.

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Along with this, there is a video of the rapper’s death on Twitter, where the event took place. People shocked to see the event happen in real-time. SAY CHEESE “RIP Takeoff” written on Twitter’s page. We knew it was about a dice game in Houston because a close source told us.

People haven’t able to believe that Takeoff has left this world since his death confirmed. He was a rising star in the business, and he gave the company a lot of hits. The rapper became famous because of his hit rap songs, which were very good. We will talk about his death in more depth. Stay in touch with us to find out more about this.



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