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Punjabi Chandigarh University MMS incident victims dead or alive?

Monstrous bedlam has come from Chandigarh College in the middle of the hole of hostlers’ records. According to the source, a young girl allegedly exposed the Chandigarh College young girls to ad*ult websites. The consequences of this action are currently awful. Eight young women have tried to take their own lives due to the intimate video disclosure. Furthermore, 2 out of every eight young women who attempted self-harm have died, according to the most recent studies. Due to her unsound health, one young woman is still being treated at a clinic in a hospital. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

MMS Scan*dal from Punjab attends Chandigarh University

According to SSP Mohali Vivek Soni, no young lady was initially believe to deceased. Still, it has subsequently established that two Chandigarh College students have died after committing suicide. The pause in their toilet video justifies their decision to save themselves. However, the college organization stops young women from dying after struck. However, we can affirm that two young women perished. Pay closer attention to the news on the TV below.

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Punjab has experienced a tremendous revolt due to the 8 attempts at self-destruction, of which 2 have judged deadly. The uproar over the Punjab MMS is making headlines on many levels. It is devastating to learn that 60 Chandigarh College students died due to the Punjab MMS disaster. The charge described at the bottom of the page.

The Punjab police are said to detained a young woman accused of secretly recording young women using the lavatory and publishing the recordings on an ad*ult website. Due to the ongoing investigation, experts have not yet disclosed the guilty party’s identity.

Harjot Singh Bains, a member of the teaching clergy, said an investigation into the incident being conducted. No one who is blameworthy shall saved, and I submissively demand all Chandigarh College students, he declared in a tweet. It’s a very delicate subject that touches on the composure of our sisters and young women. Now that the general population tested, everyone, including the media, should proceed cautiously.

The denouncement has reserved after filing an FIR, and an inquiry is ongoing. Understudies are brawling on the grounds in the thick of the release of young women’s private recordings.



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