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Olga Millette and Sara Laboissonniere? A car crash killed a Massachusetts carer.

People post tributes to the two people who died in a two-car accident on Pine Swamp Road near West Wrentham Road in Cumberland, Rhode Island. According to the sources, on Monday, February 13, 2023, two cars crashed into each other on Pine Swamp Road, killing two people named Sara Laboissonniere and Olga Millette. After they were both said to dead, the police found out who they were. Her family and friends knew Olga Millette. She was from the same town as the other person who died in the crash. Find out what happened to her and how she passed away. Follow our website, Leakstimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

Since it confirmed that Sara Laboissonniere and Olga Millette died, their friends and family are using their social media accounts to pay tribute to them and send their deepest condolences to their families, who are going through a hard time after losing a loved one in this terrible crash. The press release from the Cumberland Police Department says, “On Monday, February 13, 2023, Cumberland Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services called to the area of 210 Pine Swamp Road for a car accident that killed two people. At this time, we can confirm that both victims were Sara J. Laboissonniere, who was 25 years old and lived in Cumberland.”

Olga Millette and Sara Laboissonniere Death Reason?

The press release said, “Olga Milette, 57, was born in Blackstone, Massachusetts, and now lives in Woonsocket. Neither their family nor friends knew much about what happened, but these two women died in a terrible accident.

Cumberland Police Chief Matthew Benson said that emergency workers got to the scene on Pine Swamp Road on Monday night around 11 PM. Benson said in a press release on Tuesday morning that investigators think the other car hit Laboissonniere and then left the scene, which caused the crash that killed him.

Witnesses of the accident said they saw two cars going very fast before one suddenly crossed into the other lane and hit Laboissonniere’s car. Both drivers found to dead at the scene, which was very sad. Sandra Goding, who was friends with Olga Millette, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her funeral and obituary. Their family members lost people they loved, which was sad. We still don’t know anything about their funeral or obituary. Keep thinking about them and praying for them. Stay at peace Olga Millette and Sara Laboissonniere



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