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Nora Fatehi was bothered by the wind while dancing in the park.

Nora Fatehi’s live dance performance, “Hot Dance,” featured her in a blue bodysuit. The skirt has a stylish cut on the side. She was dancing so intently that she didn’t notice when her stylish dress blew off the dance floor.

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Nora Fatehi experiences an “oops” moment.

A video of Nora dancing in front of a big crowd and posted online is getting a lot of attention. As she danced, however, the actress had an “oops” moment due to an unforeseen circumstance. She performed in front of an audience, and the footage was shared online.

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In this clip, viewers can see a crowd gathered around Nora as she dances in a park. The spectators could hardly take their eyes off Nora Fatehi as she danced. So impressive was she and her performance. Then something unexpected happened in their dance.

The dress of Nora Fatehi took flight.

During her live dance performance, She donned a blue one-piece garment. This dress had a stylish slit up the side. While Nora was out on the dance floor, her elegant dress blew off, revealing her panties. At about the halfway point, Nora Fatehi Viral Video can be seen rearranging her clothing. People on social media can’t take their eyes off this video, which is helping it become viral.



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