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Nalgalia G’s Tiktok Video Is Viral On Twitter, Reddit!!

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Who is Nalgalia G?

Popular social media content creator Nati (aka nalgalia.g) has a following of over 13.6 million. Nalgalia has reached the ripe old age of 24. Married to Familia Disfuncional’s Stephano Kohel (@stephano kohel on Instagram), she is a group member. Kogel proposed on February 3, 2020, at a party. In a short time, Nati became a viral sensation because of her TikTok videos in which she danced, lip-synced, used a first-person perspective, and played several roles.

Nalgalia G Bio and Wiki

Nati gained recognition rapidly thanks to her TikTok videos, which feature her dancing, lip-syncing, point-of-view, and roleplaying. She is a bik*ini-clad dancer who appears in online videos. Her June 23, 2021 video, “My novice meet me with a male,” has been viewed by millions. Her devoted following is unanimous in that she retains her stunning beauty despite the brevity of her new ‘do.

Currently wed to Stephano Kohel (Lima/Per).
Size: 165 cm
Size: 47 kg
Sagittarius is a star sign.
Nalgalia G, Age, Tiktok Video Went Viral



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