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Montii Roy’s (montiiroy official) wiki, age, viral videos, and boyfriends are all made by the same person.

Monty Roy is an Indian makeup artist, dancer, model, and social media star born in Kolkata, (West Bengal, India). Because of his Tiktok videos, he became well-known. In the videos, Roy also wore more feminine clothes.

He also works on his looks to make himself look like a woman. But when people found out, he was a boy, not a girl. They were shocked. About 351,4K people have added Montii as a follower on Tiktok. He also has 27.5K followers on Instagram. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Monty Roy Bio & Wiki

Today, we’ll talk about Monty Roy, the famous person who set fire to Tiktok. Monty Roy, a transgender woman, started as a makeup artist. It was during this time that she started posting videos to Tik Tok. A lot of people like Monty Roy on social media as well. Monty continues to put his reel on YouTube.

Montii’s mother works at a bank. Montii used to be a boy, but he went through a process to change his gender and is now a girl. After he changed his gender, his friends and family were very mean to him.

When her friend posted the video of Monty online, she became famous. This time, Monty didn’t change her gender. Instead, she dressed like a girl, put on makeup, and acted like a proper girl in that video. Because of this video, Monty got a lot of attention and fame. People liked this video a lot.

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She used to pay close attention to his fitness because of how toned his body was, which helped him become famous. She has a perfect body shape, perfect skin, a slim waist, shiny hair, and a beautiful body, all of which she got by following her diet and exercise plan. She does yoga and goes to the gym all the time, and she never misses a session. She eats well so that she stays in shape. She weighs about 54 pounds and stands about 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Both his eyes and his hair are blue.

The guy who dates Monty Roy

Even though we now know that they are dating, they have never publicly talked about their relationship. Every famous person does this because the public starts to judge them based on their relationship status. Because of this, famous people never show off their relationships in public.

Monty Roy Video Gets Around

You might be curious about how Monty came to be in the popular MMS video of him, and if you don’t know him, we’ll keep you updated on everything that happens with this video and with him. Monty is a social media influencer from Kolkata, West Bengal, and is a popular Tik Tok user in India. He is also a good makeup artist.

He got so much love and support because he often posted and uploaded videos to the Tik Tok app, which helped him get a lot of attention and fans. Also, he often dresses up as a girl in his videos and thinks he is a girl. He uses makeup to make himself look more like a woman, which impresses and engages viewers.



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