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Mohsin Baig talked about the video of Imran Khan that was leaked.

Because he named in the most recent audio leak discussing horse dealing with his team, Imran Khan. The head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), still on the hacker’s hit list.

The most recent audio recording to obtained by the public also focuses on Imran Khan. This time the discussion appears to revolve around the Chairman of the PTI. It would appear that Imran Khan is having a conversation about the purchasing and sale of assembly members on the tape.

The Chairman of the PTI is reminding his cabinet that they are making a mistake if they believe that the number game has ended. In addition to encouraging them not to give up because there still time left in the game. He informed them that the number was unacceptable. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Imran Khan said to have highlighted in the alleged audio recording how vital the next 48 hours are and how many important events are taking place.

Imran Khan continued, “I’m making a lot of calculated moves, but I can’t declare them publicly.”

The PTI Chairman continued his remarks on the audio recording by saying, “I am buying five MNAs, and the five I have are very significant.”

According to the reported audio, the former prime minister can heard suggesting to another individual that if he could get them five more members. They would have 10 total and complete control of the situation at that point.

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You shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not it is appropriate. According to the counsel Imran Khan, “the nation scared right now. They want us to win whatever way we can.”

It doesn’t matter what strategy is employed; according to the Chairman of the PTI. Even the disruption of the mood of a single Member of the National Assembly will have a considerable effect.



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