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Model Maddie Cooper video is viral on Reddit and Twitter!

A military court in Myanmar recently reached a verdict of guilt against a woman named Nang Mwe San and sentenced her to serve six years in prison. We are aware that the people who are watching are intrigued. What Model Maddie Cooper did in the video and why she was condemned are both things that need to be explained. According to the findings of the military court, she had published explicit and inappropriate photos on the social networking website referred to as online. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Maddie Cooper?

Consequently, she is well-known for modeling and being the latter as a direct outcome of uploading photographs of this kind on social media platforms. In recent times, she has been brought up in a lot of people’s conversations. In addition, she has a part of many other protests directed against the army that will formed in 2021. However, Maddie is the first girl to become a member of this group of fans, and she is currently serving time in prison for possessing this item.

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Model Maddie Cooper Viral Video

She detained based on a statute scheduled to e published in August. Her scheduled appearance in court is for October. In addition to that, she expressed deep regret for what she had done. She said that the agony she experienced directly resulted from her posting inappropriate photos and videos of herself on these websites.

Although she has charged with violating Section 33 A of the Electronic Transactions Act of the country. Which can served for more than seven years at a time. We know that individuals of this generation are engaging in a growing number of these activities. She makes her home in the North, a region rumored to governed by martial law.

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There is very little information available concerning her ancestry and her family history. Despite this, throughout an interview, her mother disclosed that she had been unable to reach her daughter by phone for a considerable time. After that, she talked with her, discovering that the other person was unaware of the circumstance.



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