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Model Kristen Olsen is accused of killing her daughter’s father.

Who is Kristen Olsen Bio, Age, Controversy

Kristen Olsen, 24 years old and still in jail, charged with two different types of murder on Friday. One of the charges had to do with the arson that killed Todd Mooney, 54, and his daughter Kiara Mooney, 10. The whole family is so sad to hear about this beautiful thing that happened, but it hasn’t told yet. Police are trying to figure out why the murderer did what they did.

A fire in Biggenden killed a father and a daughter brutally, and a young woman has charged with their deaths. Kristen Olsen, 24 years old, charged with two counts of murder and one count of setting a fire on Friday. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

A daughter and her father’s bodies found in a shed’s ashes. An OnlyFans model has charged with killing them. Kirra Mooney, 10, and her father, Todd Mooney, 54, died in a fire that Kristen Olsen, 24, started on purpose in the small Queensland town of Biggenden on December 20.

At first, their deaths called a “tragedy.” But when the results of the autopsies showed something more sinister, on December 29, the police began a homicide investigation. Olsen charged with two counts of murder and one count of setting a fire on Friday. She calls herself a “barefoot little gipsy.”

Kristen Olsen Bio and Wiki

The hippy entrepreneur and travel blogger is currently living in a van. She recently told her followers that she was “back, bigger and better than ever” and would go “wherever my feet take me.”

She said in a Facebook post that the two-footed falcons had led her to a town in Far North Queensland that was “surrounded by jungle” and “where I can myself.” Todd Mooney, a local baker, was going to marry his long-time partner on the property later that week. The terrible murder happened just before the wedding. Read Also: Who Is Alisha Khadgi Kanda ? Viral video, Instagram, bio, and age!!

Detective Inspector Gary Pettiford in Queensland says there are no known ties between the victims and the person suspected of killing them. This makes the deaths seem horrifyingly random.

Still, there are rumours that Olsen went to Biggenden High School and that she was there recently. The detective hasn’t yet found out what killed the people or whether they died before or after the fire.

Divers looking for clues in nearby springs is just one example of how the police look for more proof to support their claim. Olsen will go to court on Saturday in Maroochydore and Monday in Maryborough.



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