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Missing Colombian Girl Maria Kamila’s Story and Her Murder Detailed!

Colombian girl murdered by Maria Kamila Girl Story of the Missing Colombian Girl Detailed! I know this: Nearly ten years ago, my great aunt Adita vanished from her Santa Marta house. It is a coastal town in the Caribbean. Hours after going missing, she was discover in the Sierra Nevada mountains by the side of a gravel road. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

The killing of a Colombian teenager

The horrible killing of Adita Perez is still a mystery. Her captors inexplicable died and were never brought to justice. Others assert that she slain by her captors, setting her on fire at the side of the road. Maria Kamila Video version of the tale I was ask as a child is scary. Others think Adita was kill in her home, rolled up, and discard in the mountains. Even more complex theories surround her murder.

I finally decided to go to Colombia after living more than ten years away from Bogota, the city of birth. I was curious to learn more about Adita’s past and the people I thought were responsible. Manuel Marulanda formed the FARC, also known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, in 1964. The FARC began as a political party with Marxist principles. However, they started using illegal means to pay for the civil war.

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Female Maria Kamila

At its height, the FARC controlled around 40% of Colombia. The FARC turned to narcotrafficking, kidnapping, and taxing the local populace to pay for its military activities. The FARC thought to earn USD 600 million annually. According to sources from Colombia, the FARC was, behind ISIS, the second-richest terrorist group at its height. A third of over 11,000 FARC fighters were female and came from rural areas.



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