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Mishal Bukhari, a newsreader, passed away.

Mishal Bukhari, a well-known journalist and news anchor from Pakistan, died from cancer at age 38.

Mishal Bukhari’s husband, Ameer Abbas, posted the news on Twitter. She had a great heart, a great personality, a lot of patience, and an amazing amount of courage.

He also said that the funeral prayer for the late anchorperson would held at Jamia Al-Muntazar in Lahore on Wednesday at 1 p.m. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Mishal Bukhari, how old is she, who is her husband, and what news station did she work for?

Mishal Bukhari was one of Pakistan’s most experienced and senior journalists. He was a TV news anchor and host of a talk show. After being born on July 8, 1984, in Karachi, she started her career as an anchor for a private news station.

She is doing a great job as the senior anchor and host of “Neo at 5” on Neo TV, a popular talk show about current events and social issues. Mishal Bukhari also reported live on the most challenging US presidential election of 2016 from Washington, DC, New York, Virginia, and Kansas.

She began her job life as a magazine subeditor for the Daily Express. She was part of the team that started the TV station Express News seven years. Mishal was an anchor for 92 News and also made the show Follow up with Mishal Bukhari, which was about social issues. Read Also: How is Paula Mee death? She was Ireland’s Top Dietician!!

In 2014, the US State Department put her forward for the prestigious IVLP program for professional exchange, and she chosen.

She had been a professor at Lahore Garison College and a live host on FM 101, a Pakistani radio station.



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