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Minister Obadiah Moyo’s Daughter’s SHASHL & DJ LEVELS Bedroom Video Is Viral!!

Shashl’s father, Obadiah Moyo, was Zimbabwe’s minister of health and childcare. Their video and a picture of DJ Levels in his bedroom have gone viral, leading some to wonder if the exes are also famous in each other’s videos.

In a statement released after the footage was leaked, a distraught Shashl claimed that Levels gone viral in their bedroom as vengeance. She alleges. Levels played the tape after she informed him she wanted to end their relationship. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Shashl Viral Video Of Obadiah Moyo’s Daughter

A famous singer in their hometown shot to stardom after uploading a private video on the internet. Even though this story is trending right now, it’s not easy to get your hands on the video at the center of it all; social media platforms have removed it, but many people have linked to it, and some unlicensed websites are still spreading it around. No secret was saying something “went viral” on social media will cause a flurry of interest and activity.

The newly popular NSFW film is an example of this type of content; some have even speculated that it is a se*x tape starring two prominent Zimbabweans. In real life, the male lead is DJ Levels, a famous music producer, and the female information is the daughter of a former national minister. Renowned music producer DJ Levels (real name: Tafadzwa Kadzimwe) and hip-hop artist Shashl embroiled in a storm of controversy.

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The Latest DJ Levels Video Featuring Shashl and Obadiah Moyo

Shashl, the daughter of a former minister, became the focus of media attention after a se*x clip and several compromising images of her published online. As a result, the Zimbabwean public gone crazy and begun harassing the pair, particularly the song producer, who is held responsible for casting the actors. As we previously said, Levels himself had vanished from the reports. However, there are rumours that he has gone into hiding after issuing an apology.

The music producer claims that someone took his phone and uploaded these videos and photographs on the internet in his post. The famous hip-hop artist and the music producer are both targets of ridicule. Despite speaking with the State-owned media channel, all Shashl did was present her side of the story and accuse Dj Levels of utilising a casting couch. She claims that the music producer compelled her to have se##xual relations with him. Tafadzwa has come under more scrutiny in the wake of this allegation, and his predicament is rapidly deteriorating.

The hip-hop artist and singer continued by saying that DJ Levels’ claims that his phone stolen and that he virally spread photos and videos of himself and her false. She charged him with revealing their s*x tape. To elaborate, the singer said, “It all started on social media when netizens began claiming Shashl and Levels were dating, but that is not true; we have never dated After a while, he starts squeezing me into sx corners. When Shashi first rejected him, he promised never to re-record her song unless she changed her mind.



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