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Memo Remigi and Jessica Morlacchi’s whole video has leaked online.

Someone should careful what they say because it can’t taken back and will be remembered forever. This is especially true for celebrities, who are under continual media scrutiny. Any comments they make can quickly become the topic of debate and even national news. People are curious about a video showcasing an Italian singer-songwriter that has just gone viral. The video’s popularity is growing due to the positive response it’s receiving online. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Memo Remigi Jessica Morlacchi Video

There are claims in the article that on September 26, 2022, Rai allegedly intervened in the middle of their contract with TV host and artist Memo Remigi. The final episode of the live Friday show on Rai 1 had the Italian singer-songwriter grabbing the vocalist Jessica Morlacchi. The 84-year-old seen in the same establishment as the famous performer. In response to what the presenter said, he wrapped his arms around his neck and upper back, making a circle around himself. After a while, the singer takes it further and lowers his hands to rub the TV host’s butt.

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The whole incident captured on video and uploaded to the internet. It’s now being talked about and criticized in the public eye for what the performer did. The public voiced their disapproval of the performer in the video comments. After this occurrence, the entire Rai 1 program removed, not just this memo. The strange actions of Remigi deemed to against the company’s code of ethics, according to a statement released by Rai.

Meanwhile, Remigi tries to defend himself by calling it “solely an innocent joking gesture.” He didn’t intend any harm to her but instead was trying to ease his tensions around her. Social media users requested the video’s observable URL after it went viral. A sizable portion of his fanbase has come to his defense, insisting that he was merely playing around with the woman in question.

However, many argue that this isn’t the most effective way to put someone at ease and that it’s rude to touch someone in this way without their consent. The TV host has remained silent about the matter. Jessica Morlacchi is now unavailable despite our best efforts to contact her. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to provide further information.



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