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MC Square is Abhishek Baisla. MTV Hustle 2.0 Winner Cash!!

Who is Abhishek Baisla, also known as MC Square? MTV Hustle 2.0 Numbardar Winner Prize Money:- Recently, the name Abhishek Baisla has become popular on the internet and social media. As soon as the winner of the popular show MTV Hustle 2.0 was announced, he became famous. He has many fans because many people have heard his rap songs on the internet or on TV and liked them. A lot of people are very interested in learning about Abhishek. So, we put all the information we had in the following article. Learn more about Abhishek and his family by reading the article below. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Abhishek Baisla aka MC Square?

Now, it is likely that everyone will know who Abhishek Baisla is. Even if you don’t know who Abhishek is, you should know that he won the popular reality show Hustle 2.0. He is a rapper from the city of Faridabad.

MC Square is Abhishek Baisla. MTV Hustle 2.0

Abhishek Baisla is one of the last people to be chosen to be on the reality show MTV Hustle 2.0. As Abhishek Baisla’s popularity grew, many fans and admirers started calling him “MC Square.” He was born to a middle-class family in a village near Agra, Uttar Pradesh. He is probably 23 years old. His father is a farmer, and his family and friends are happy for him now.

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Abhishek Baisla Bio & Wiki

The name Abhishek has been all over the internet and social media in the last few days. Abhishek Baisla is famous because he won the popular singing competition show Hustle 2.0. If Abhishek Baisla’s family and friends found out that he won one of the most popular singing reality shows, Hustle 2.0, it would be a very proud and exciting moment for everyone.

In one interview, He said he had to go through many things because he had to finish his journey on the popular rap reality shows Hustle 2.0. He even said it took a long time for his family to agree with him getting to where he is now.



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