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Mahsa Amini Cause of Death, 3 Men Killed in Iran Protest Women

Mahsa Amini: Three men killed during protests in Iran by women. Mahsa Amini Details Explained! Amini, a woman from Iran, said to have died after police held her hostage because she didn’t follow the rules about the Hijab in Iran. Soon after Mahsa died, there was a protest, and people began to rebel against the death police. Many of the eth officers who worked on the Mahsa case, including the one who handled it, have said that the police accusation is false because the woman was in bad health and died. Many say the police killed the woman they arrested by beating her up. We will talk about Mahsa’s case and the protests in Iran. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Mahsa Amini Cause of Death

After Mahsa killed, people in Iran began to rebel against the government. In Tehran’s capital, many protesters were seen throwing rocks at morality officers and chanting against the government. After the woman in charge killed, the ordinary men were very angry. She didn’t follow the country’s rules about how to dress. On Monday, a group of protesters met at Tehran University and started demonstrating. Students protested to discover why Mahsa, the woman the police said to have killed, had died.

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Three people killed in Iran during a protest over Mahsa Amini’s death. Protesters yelled, “Death to the dictator!” and damaged police cars. After the protests turned violent, people said they could smell tear gas and stones. Roads closed, and officers in plain clothes and riot police could seen all over the area. All cell phone networks were turned off in the central part of Tehran, where protesters were said to gathering. People set fire to the cars, and when they got to the intersections, they turned over trash cans and started chanting.

Three men killed in Iran during a protest by women

There are a lot of videos of protesters on the internet. They show how students and other people throw rocks at many government agencies and turn everything upside down. There were a lot of protests in Kurdish cities in western Iran, like Rasht in the north and the University in the center of Isfahan. Mahsa Amini Cause of Death was taken into police custody last week. She wasn’t wearing a headscarf at the time. Police say that she had a heart attack, which caused her death. Many people, including her own family, have said that she has never had a heart attack. Mahsa died when she was only 22 years old.



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