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Lafferty’s Kyle Lafferty’s Commentary To A Celtic Fan Is Examined!!

Leigh Lafferty YouTube Video Watch Kyle Lafferty’s Commentary What Lafferty Said To A Celtic Supporter Is Examined In light of a viral video that purported to show the Kilmarnock striker speaking a different language. Kyle Lafferty has dropped from Northern Ireland’s squad for the Nations League matches against Kosovo and Greece. This video, which has gone viral on social media, demonstrates Lafferty’s response when someone posing for photos with him says, “Up to the Celts.” Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Twitter video from Kyle Lafferty

The Irish Football Association released a statement: “Northern Ireland’s senior team of men’s member Kyle Lafferty has pulled from the squad in preparation for the upcoming UEFA Nations League games against Kosovo and Greece.”

The Irish Football Association is aware of a social media video that has received much attention. The association also lets us know that Kilmarnock FC, the striker’s team’s club, is looking into the matter.

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The second-highest scorer in his country, Lafferty, scored 20 and 89 goals for Northern Ireland. However, the 35-year-old has recently been a critical member of Ian Baraclough’s team and may find it difficult to return to the international game. Before traveling to Athens for its match against Greece on Tuesday, Northern Ireland will play Kosovo at Windsor Park on Saturday. Due to a back issue, Lafferty has been out of practice since Tuesday.

Watch Kyle Lafferty’s Commentary

After the video first came to light on Wednesday night. Lafferty Kyle club Kilmarnock declared at midday on Thursday that they were looking into the incident. In a statement, Kilmarnock said: “Kilmarnock Football Club is aware of a film circulating on the internet that appears to show a member of our playing staff using the language of the sectarian sort. The club views discrimination in any form as wholly unacceptable. The club will decide whether to investigate the matter.



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