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How did Victor Ocampo live? Died at age 71 of a heart attack,

Obituary We’re about to break some tragic and unexpected news: Victor Ocampo, who was 71 years old, has died. He was a Bishop of Gumace who had passed away on Thursday and was no longer in his immediate family. No one anticipated that he would pass away abruptly, so countless responses began making headlines online when the news appeared online and immediately spread on social media. Many people are interested in learning about Victor Ocampo and how he died. Victor Ocampo was a Filipino who served as a bishop for the Diocese of Gumaca.

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Who Was Victor Ocampo?

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He was born in Angles City on March 16, 1952. He finished his studies in philosophy and religion at San José Seminary in Quezon City. He served in 8 parishes following his 1977 ordination as a pastor in the Balanga Diocese. He previously served as the head of several diocese-wide offices, including the catechetical office, the family and life commission, the Biblical apostolate, and the liturgical commission. In addition, he served as the diocese’s governor and a consultor.

Victor Ocampo, a Bishop highly regarded among his friends and family, passed away on March 16, 2023, at 71. CBCP ECBA reported his sudden demise. According to the story, Victor passed away from a heart attack. Many were shocked and hurt by his sudden passing. For more details on the deck, scroll down to the next page. He was rushed to the hospital in Gumace, but doctors could not save him, and at around 5:58 pm, he was declared dead, according to the story. After hearing about it on social media, many people are devastated by his sudden demise. On social media, his supporters have paid homage to him. Many people paid tribute to him on social media and offered sincere condolences to his family.



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