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How Did DJ Sumbody Die? Artist and producer Amapiano died from being shot.

How Did DJ Sumbody Die? Artist and producer Amapiano was shot to death, which is why: Once again, sad news about the famous musician Oupa John Sefoka, also known as DJ Sumbody, has been reported on the internet. He is well-known by the name DJ Sumbody. He has written some famous songs.

It was said that Oupa John Sefoka died after some time because of something that happened to him. When fans and admirers heard that Oupa John Sefoka died, they shocked. Everyone wants to know what caused Oupa John Sefoka’s death. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Oupa John Sefoka aka DJ Sumbody?

DJ Sumbody is a well-known name for Oupa John Sefoka. Dj Sumbody put out a famous song with DJ Tira, Thebe, and Emza on it. He also worked on Monate Mpolaye, a show that featured Cassper Nyovest and Thebe. Sumbody came into the world on June 9. He was from Pretoria, which is in South Africa. Oupa John Sefoka went to Sunnyside Primary School for his first few years of school.

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After that, he went to Bokgoni Technical High School for his secondary education and got a certificate. From his music career, Oupa John Sefoka had a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. The death of Oupa John Sefoka has been all over the internet and social media platforms lately.

How Did DJ Sumbody Die?

No matter how hard we try, we will permanently lose and gain someone or something, no matter how hard we try. In the same way, we also gain and lose people. The only difference is that sometimes we lose someone for the rest of our lives, and sometimes we lose them for a while. Now, another well-known person named Oupa John Sefoka has died. DJ Sumbody was a famous name for Oupa John Sefoka.

Everyone shocked by Oupa John Sefoka’s death, including his fans, admirers, family, and friends. Now, we will never get any more songs from Oupa John Sefoka. We are still determining how Oupa John Sefoka would have died.



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