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How did Dimitri Vazquez fare? Missing Adolescent Found Dead!

The authorities have discovered a child who had been reported missing from Jacksonville, Florida, to be dead. Dimitri Vazquez, 17, had been gone since Thursday morning. Unfortunately, learning that their boy had passed away while they were all waiting for him is heartbreaking news for the entire family. The guy’s untimely demise shocked the whole family, and it also had an impact on them. The sources claim that Dimitri Vazquez committed suicide after taking a gun from his house and leaving a suicide note there. Let’s investigate the cause of this regrettable action. Follow our website, Leakstimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

You can see in this that Dimitri is holding Luna and placing little bunny ears up behind her, Vazquez said while displaying a photo of her brother. While she was in the hospital on Thursday morning, Dimitri’s mother got a text message from her 17-year-old son. She was worried he would commit suicide. According to police reports, when the woman returned home, her son had fled the house and her gun was missing from the safe. The authorities are currently looking into the suicide case and attempting to determine what exactly led to his demise.

What Happened To Dimitri Vazquez?

Let us inform you that he was last seen in Jacksonville at the corner of St. John’s and Edgewood. Unfortunately, the authorities were unable to locate him before it was too late for his family to assist get him home safely after he vanished. He killed himself by shooting himself. Since the news of his passing was made official, his friends and family have paid homage to him and sent their deepest sympathies to the family members who are enduring a trying time. To collect money for his funeral and other expenses, a GoFundMe page has been created.

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A loving and compassionate adolescent from Jacksonville, Florida, Dimitri Vazquez was. He was constantly ready to help those in need. It is still unknown why he committed suicide.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office let Dimitri Vazquez and his family down, according to a Facebook statement. What a terrible circumstance and absolute outrage. A family will now need to prepare for their child’s burial. We appreciate everyone who shared the articles and otherwise helped. Please show the family respect during this terrible moment.



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