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The video of Harun, Olivia, and Tusenmacher got out on Twitter and Reddit!!

People are talking about the videos on Twitter that are getting a lot of attention on social media. You might interested that we are talking about Harun Tusenmacher and Harun Olivia. Also, since Harun has been a journalist for thirty years, we will talk about some of his accomplishments. Harun was the first to start an independent Somali media outlet, which the government thought to have approved in 1991. Follow our website, LeaksTimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

Harun Und Olivia & Tusenmacher Video

As a former employee of several different correspondent-associated presses, he produced outstanding work and consistently inspired his colleagues. After joining VOA in July 2008, he has been there longer than any other editor. Since then, Harun has employed at the organization and has begun producing serious shows for the VOA Somali service.

He also studies series and reports on top of his journalism. He is a very focused person with a great talent for his work. He affected by the fact that Somalia’s political leaders have changed. Somali government. He has provoked a lot of thought in people. Read Also: A video clip of Harun Tusenmacher got out on Twitter and Reddit.

Since he is a very private person in the real world, there aren’t many facts about him. This is why we couldn’t put together a lot of details about him. But if we find out anything new, we’ll let you all know. Journalism is getting information and putting it in a way people can understand.

Journalism is also how we spread news, including a wide range of media like books, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and social network websites. It’s exciting and fun, but the main goal of journalism is not to give readers all the information they need to make the best decision for their communities and governments.



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