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Desire Papa Part 2 Web Series on Kooku Apps, Storyline, Cast list!!

You can watch the whole second part of the Desire Papa web series on the official Kooku app. Both fans and critics praised the way the web series was put together. On February 17, 2023, the second part of the comedy-drama series came out. Fans used to say that earlier Kooku web series had great acting and stories that kept them interested. Follow our website, Leakstimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

The main characters in the web series Desire Papa Part 2 are Ayesha Pathan, Vinod Tripathy, and Almas Qureshi. Desire Papa has 5–6 episodes, each lasting 25–30 minutes.

You can watch every episode of the Desire Papa web series online on the Kooku app. In the Sanvida web series, which was put out by Kooku App before, Ayesha Pathan and Pihu Kanojia played important roles. Kooku’s Desire Papa web series was based on Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar, in which a “love guru” helped two couples fix their relationships.

Web Series Cast for Desire Papa Part 2

  • Vinod Tripathy
  • Ayesha Pathan
  • Almas Qureshi
  • Javed Shaikh
  • Nitin Peepra

Part 2 of the Desire Papa web series story

Desire Papa Part 2 web series episode 1 sets the scene by introducing two couples and their everyday lives. Things took a big turn when they found out who each other liked as a partner. One woman wants a luxurious life, but the other only wants her husband to love and care for her.

While they were stuck in their lives, they began to think about how they could switch places with someone else. Eventually, they learn about desire papa and the idea they use to keep their followers happy. Desire Papa helped the two girls switch places so that one could live in luxury and the other could get the love she wanted.

Almas Qureshi and Ayesha Pathan have been in the past Kooku web series. Both actresses have great chemistry in the web series. Not to mention the characters Ayesha Pathan and Almas Qureshi play on screen and how good they are as actors.

The web series Saree, which stars Ayesha Pathan, is a sight to behold. It is alluring, interesting, and captivating at the same time. Ayesha Pathan’s Desire Papa web series scenes with her co-stars have been available. Kooku says he will make a brand-new, exciting web series like Desire Papa Part 2.



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