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Big Brother Titans Khosi and Nana Fight Clip Leaks Online!

Fans of the reality TV show Big Brother Titans are split into different groups because their favourite contestants have tried everything they can to get to the end. In the meantime, there were a lot of rumours, reactions, and fights on social media before the last episode of Big Brother Titans. Big Brother Titans contestant Khosi fought with Nana and Jenni O in the past. Reports say that the three fought on Monday night, February 6, 2023. Since Khosi fought Nann and Jenni O, fans have different opinions about him. Because of this, we decided to write this article about the fight between Khosi, Nana, and Jenni O on Monday night. Follow our website, Leakstimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

Big Brother Titans Khosi And Nana Fight Video

Big Brother Titans fans are looking out for Khosi because they think that Khosi will make it to the final and win the R1.7 million prize. Jenni O and Nana have fought with Khosi in the past. Some fans said it was Khosi’s show after the Monday night show. Many people are also defending what Khosi did and saying that Nanan and Jenni O have been challenging her for the past few days.

On the other hand, some fans say that the other women on the show are in awe of her because they talk about her daily. There are also rumours that Nana feels betrayed by Thabang and Khosi’s growing relationship because Thabang’s girlfriend is dating her. On the other hand, Jenni O is determined to get rid of Khosi because everyone is interested in her. Fans are starting to compare Khosi to Mphowabadimo, who won Big Brother Mazansi in 2022, now that she is getting a lot of attention.

A user named Lucia74921 said, “Every Big Brother season has a girl who is the main character, and the other girls usually don’t like her. That’s nothing new. Khosi is definitely the main girl this season, and I hope she realises that and doesn’t let them provoke her. She needs to grow a thick skin now.” Another fan was angry about Khosi and Nana’s fight the other night. When Khosi first fought Nana, everything she did get a lot of attention, and the fight became the most-anticipated event on the show. Khosi is our choice.



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