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Bandits burned Catholic Priest Isaac Achi to death in Nigeria.

Bandits burned to death Catholic priest Isaac Achi in Nigeria: Many terrible things have been said to have happened in Northern Nigeria. When everyone in the Nigerian Catholic community heard that a Catholic priest burned to death on Sunday, they were shocked. According to the sources, the priest’s body was found on Sunday, January 15, 2023, in the burned-out parish building of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church. Father Isaac Achi was a priest whose house in northern Nigeria was set on fire by bandits on Sunday. He died in the fire. Since this terrible crime got out, many priests have been in a tizzy. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Isaac Achi, a Catholic priest, was burned to death.

The police are now looking into this crime and trying to find the people who did this. The Catholic Diocese of Minna, Nigeria, said the news was true. Around 3 AM, armed bandits attacked the priest’s home in the village of Kafin Koro. This is what happened. Father Collins Omeh, another priest, was also able to get out of the room, but he was shot and is now being treated in a hospital. Since this news happened, many people have been paying tribute to him on their social media accounts.

Ikenna Onwukwe wrote on Facebook, “It makes me sad that terrorists killed another Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Isaac Achi, in Niger State yesterday.” He was burned to death next to the parish house while another Priest used gunshots to get away. I respect the millions of Muslims who believe that life is sacred and that people can live together in peace. But I’m worried that before the 2023 election, more voices aren’t being raised to protest the “existential threat posed by the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket of APC or a repeat Muslim presidential candidate of PDP in a country wracked by a lack of equity, justice, and fairplay.”

Alhaji Sani Bello Abubaker, Governor of the Nigerian state of Niger, called this terrible attack “ungodly and inhumane.” Bello said, “This is a sad time. The fact that a priest was killed in this way shows that we are not safe, that these terrorists have lost their minds, and that we need to take drastic steps to stop this killing.”

Who Was Isaac Achi?

Sources say that Achi was the parish priest at the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, where he was killed. He was also the head of the local chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). It was a terrible crime, and the whole priest community was shocked. People who follow him will never forget him. #RIPIsaacAchi



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