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Anmol Noor, his age, and a video that went viral on Twitter and Reddit!!

Anmol Noor Wiki/Bio

Anmol Noor is a model on Instagram, a video maker, a TikTok celebrity, a social media influencer, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Pakistan. She is well-known for how pretty she looks and how friendly her smile is. Anmol has many fans on Instagram and other social media sites. She likes blogging, dancing, acting, and traveling in particular. She loves drama and does it with a lot of heart. Follow our website,, for the latest updates!!!!!

Anmol has worked with many well-known and respected brands. She also advertised cosmetics from different companies. Her fans and followers love her because she makes original, educational content. Anmol has more than 300,000 people who follow her on Instagram. She was born in Pakistan.

Anmol Noor is a well-known celebrity who became famous when she posted Reels and photos with motivational captions on her Instagram account. Anyone can access her social media accounts and look at her most recent pictures and videos.

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She is among the most talented and attractive people, with many followers on social media. This section will tell you a few things about Anmol Noor’s life.

TikTok star Anmol Noor has a video that went viral after it got out.

TikTok star Anmol Noor was caught on camera doing something inappropriate with her boyfriend. The video got out and quickly went viral on social media.

Anmol Noor and her boyfriend can be seen in the popular TikTok video as he takes cocaine out of her body. In the video that got out, She is seen letting her boyfriend inject cocaine into her breasts. This is a bad idea, and her online fans criticized her.



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