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A suicide note in a Chennai apartment. Pauline Jessica’s suicide video is popular.

What Happened To Deepa, Who Was Found Dead In A Chennai Apartment With A Suicide Note? and Pauline Jessica’s Suicide Video has gone viral! Recently passed away was Pauline Jessica, popularly known as Divya in Tamil. She did indeed commit suicide, the police have confirmed. The actress was discovered hanging from her apartment while the cops hurried to the scene. Jessica was discovered dead, hanging from her apartment. It was also found that she had written herself a suicide note. Jessica’s nickname, Deepa, was well-known in local movies. Jessica passed away at the age of just 29. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Video of Pauline Jessica’s suicide

Jessica is an Andhra Pradesh native. She came to work in Tamil movies. She worked in daily soap operas before transitioning to Tamil film acting. The body of Jessica was discovered hanging in her residence on Chennai’s Virugambakkam Mallika Avenue, according to the police. Vaaith is where Jessica was last seen. She had a variety of positions before. While Jessica was taking their calls, her squad showed up at her residence. When Jessica passed away, the neighbors informed the police. An autopsy was conducted at the hospital to see if Jessica had any bruises or other signs of a murder.

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Police are currently looking into the situation to see whether she was harm or force to commit suicide. The authorities also look at CCTV evidence to see whether Jessica was injured or coerced into taking her own life. On September 17, 2022, Jessica was the one to enter her house. Her last sighting was at that location. Later that day, she killed herself and left a suicide note. Police searched CCTV footage to see if she was visit before she committed suicide, but they couldn’t find anything. Despite being from Ap initially, she moved to Tamil Nadu to further her career.

Note From Suicide Found With Deepa Dead In Chennai Flat

According to police, Jessica will take back to her AP house following her autopsy, where she will carry out her last rites. According to the suicide note discovered close to her body, Jessica decided to take her own life since she didn’t like her spouse. Police said her intention to take her own life was motivate by personal issues and failed partnerships. Police are still looking into the matter and think a broken relationship caused Jessica’s death. Pauline Jessica Viral Video also made an appearance in the well-received film Thupparivalam.



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