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A girl stole thousands of rupees from the bank while brandishing a fake gun.

A girl robbed one. He did, however, steal the funds from the bank that he had already deposited in his account. In addition, he recorded a live video of the bank heist. This is currently going viral. She declared that she had not come to kill anyone amidst the commotion. Just the money that was deposited into his account needs to be withdrawn.

A young girl displayed a toy gun and robbed a bank. She became perplexed by taking out more than Rs. 10 lakh from the bank. The girl only stole the money from the bank that she had already put in her account, which is an important fact.

While robbing the bank, the Girl stole recorded a live video as well. This is currently going viral. His social media images continue to be a hot topic. The situation involves Lebanon. Where activist Sali Hafiz, 28, arrived at Beirut Bank on Wednesday carrying a plastic gun? Here, he asked the bank employees to make a withdrawal in a cinematic manner by brandishing a gun. People in the bank screamed in terror when they saw the girl holding a gun. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Sister-in-law Hafiz declared that she had not come to kill anyone during the commotion. The money that has deposited into his account but has been sitting in the bank for a while must be withdrawn. Hafiz threatened the cashier there with a revolver in hand and forced him to withdraw Rs. 10 lakh 33 000 from his account.

Money was required for my sister’s medical care

Hafiz captured the entire event live on camera. She claims in her video that she desperately needs money so that her sister might receive cancer treatment. The cost of the procedure estimated to be over 40 lakh rupees. In the bank, there were already about 16 lakh deposits. However, she has been unable to free them for the past three years.

The bank consistently paid only 15,000 rupees. Hafiz was upset by this and, in a risky move, withdrew 10 lakh rupees from the bank out of a total of 16 lakhs in one go.

Notably, the Lebanese government has frozen bank deposits for the past three years due to the economic crisis that began in 2019. People are becoming anxious about taking out their own money. Only a set amount is provided to customers by the bank. Read More: Yvette Nicole Brown Got Married, Husband’s Name, Pictures, Bio, and How Much She’s Worth!

I’m sister-in-law Hafiz, and I’ve come to obtain money for the treatment of my sister, who is currently dying in the hospital, the Girl stole heard stating in her video. I’m not here to kill anyone… I’ve come here to assert my rights.

Hafiz continue by saying that she went to the bank several times to request money but was told each time that she could only pay $ 200 (15 thousand) every month.

At the same time, a witness for AFP report that combustible stuff poured inside the bank during the robbery.

The girl threatened to burn her with a lighter and threw gasoline everywhere, according to bank client Nadine Nakhal. He added that the girl had threatened to shoot the bank manager if she did not release the money by brandishing a gun.



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