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A brain-dead man walks minutes before organ removal.

Doctors said that a pastor was “clinically dead,” but he started to show signs of life just minutes before his organs were going to be taken for donation.

The man, Ryan Marlow, was in the hospital for two weeks because he had a rare bacterial infection called listeria.

Ryan had been getting treatment for two weeks when doctors told his wife Megan that he was clinically dead man. Follow our website, Leakstimes, for the latest updates!!!!!

Doctors told the man’s wife that the bacterial infection had caused the brain to swell, which led to “neurological death.”

Megan even told people on social media that her husband was sick by going live on Facebook.

Ryan had signed up to be an organ donor, so the doctors kept his body on life support while they looked for possible organ recipients.

But on August 30, when Ryan’s family went to the hospital to say their final goodbyes, someone saw something shocking. Megan’s niece said that when Ryan saw videos of his children, his feet moved or twitched.

Because of this, Megan asked the medical team to recheck her husband’s brain function. A second CT scan showed brain activity, which surprised the doctors because they had said Ryan was “clinically dead.”

Once the scans and reports confirmed, Megan went Live on Facebook again and said: “This makes no sense. I would never make this up. In short, I’ll tell you the story another time, and no, my friends, he is not brain dead. He doesn’t have no brain.”

“God has held him back. He’s supposed to dead man, and these doctors say he should at the funeral home right now,” she said.

Since the rescans, Marlow has shown signs of a fast heartbeat and twitching. His wife says that he is still not responding much at all.



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