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60 Girls Suicide Video Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and YouTube!!

A commotion erupted after a video showing female students at a private university in Mohali showering went viral. The students took to the streets in protest. Police have opened an inquiry and are looking for the accused student. A question arises about where the accused girl was sending the film of the female classmates bathing. When did you first see the clip, and how did you hear about it? How did the accused student get access to a guy to use him to capture and share videos of girls? Let’s look for solutions to these problems. Follow our website, Leakstimes.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

YouTube hit “60 Girls.”

Mohali SSP Vivek Soni said the accused student was arrested after filing an FIR in the case. The police have enough proof, but more needs to be gathered. The student accused of making the film had already transmitted it to a person in Shimla, the SSP disclosed. We also are investigating this matter to fathom the source of the videos’ delivery. Police in Shimla is looking for the teen who posted the footage online.

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The accused student shared the video with a friend in Shimla, showing female pupils bathing. He posted them on his social media accounts. Since the video had already gone viral, the outrage had already started. No female student who made a viral video did not later earn an MBA. The accused student had been sending movies she made to her friend for quite some time. He posted it on his social media accounts. A student who uploaded the video to social media immediately caused a stir.

Reddit User Leaks Suicide Video of 60 Girls

After learning of the occurrence, the dormitory warden interviewed the student, who admitted to transmitting the recordings to a boy. The female said she did not know the male in question. The girl refused the warden’s requests to identify the boy or explain her relationship to him. When asked how long she had been working on the 60 Girls Suicide Video Viral, the student did not indicate that she had ever heard the question. She insisted I had messed up and promised she would not make that mistake again.



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